Everything you need to know about me can be learned by reading this blog. If that’s not enough then you can google me and then be really confused 'cause I'm not the guy that comes up. I’m not famous. This means that you can write something bad about me in your blog and it will not be picked-up by People magazine. But don’t let that stop you. I just read a comment about my blog that suggested I write more personal information about myself. Like a resume. So you have that blogger’s permission to continue reading without feeling nosy. My education was many and often and starting in first grade, on the first day, I hated it. I changed my major several times but it was mostly Journalism at the University of Nevada and dramaturgy at UCLA. My early jobs varied and were for fairly high pay so I developed a distorted view of my worth and of the economy. I was a carpenter on the Alaska pipeline. I was the editor of L.A. showguide — a Los Angeles movie review, restaurant review, and event review magazine. The last twenty-five years I’ve been self-employed. I’ve owned (with my wife) a flower shop. I’ve been a marine surveyor. I’ve repaired yachts. Presently I own the smallest shipping agency in the Caribbean.


Puerto Rico, El Yunque, podcasting, ship building